Please read through these FAQs before inquiring about volunteer opportunities.

When can I volunteer?

2023 Fall

Wednesdays: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Thursdays: 8 a.m. - Noon

Fridays: 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Volunteers are required to arrive at the beginning of the shift and are encouraged to work the entire shift.

Where are you located?

The Student Organic Farm is situated on 15 acres at the western edge of the MSU Horticulture Teaching and Research Center (HTRC). Our address is 3291 College Rd. Holt, MI 48842. Volunteers meet in Yakely House at the beginning of their shift to meet the crew and go over the day's tasks.

Can I get a ride out to the farm?

We recognize the difficulty of our location for students without cars or bicycles and want everyone interested in volunteering to have the opportunity. However, while the SOF cannot offer rides to and from the farm, occasionally, student crew members with vehicles are willing to pick up and drop off regular volunteers in conjunction with their work schedules. Please indicate any special transportation needs when you contact us.

What should I wear when I volunteer?

Dress according to how you will feel most comfortable in whatever weather is predicted for your volunteer shift, keeping in mind that you may be moving between greenhouses where it is dry and warm to outdoor rain or snow. Closed-toed shoes are required. Depending on the weather, we recommend layers, sunscreen, a hat, and, no matter what: water to drink!

What can I expect to do while I’m at the farm?

Farm work is seasonal. Because we grow in passive solar greenhouses, harvest happens here year-round. In the winter and early spring, we work to maintain our crops in the hoop houses, seed transplants, weed, and get ready for spring with occasional infrastructure projects. As temperatures rise, we start preparing the beds and planting outside. In the summer, there is so much to do: weed, water, plant, and harvest. In the fall, we roll up drip tape, put beds to sleep for the winter and harvest root crops for storage.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the form below, be sure to include information about your availability, if you’re an MSU student or community member, and if you need any mobility accommodations. Please wait until you’ve received a confirmation from an SOF staff member before showing up.

Volunteer sign up form 

Can we volunteer as a group?

If you are a volunteer group, please email Organic Farm with a note specifying the average age and number of people in your group and a few potential dates and times that would be convenient for you all. Accommodating volunteer groups may take up to 2 weeks to schedule and is subject to SOF staff availability. Volunteer groups under 18 years of age will be subject to our regular tour fee.